MySQL datafiles

These files can be imported into an existing MySQL database. For example, to import LUCApedia_table.sql into databasename database, use

mysql -u username -p databasename < LUCApedia_table.sql

Database text files

Each of these files represents a single dataset relevant to early life (see documentation for details). The original data are mapped onto Uniprot, KEGG, and Biocyc IDs. The format of each file is...

> dataset entry 
Uniprot ID 1	KEGG ID 1	Biocyc ID 1 
Uniprot ID 2	KEGG ID 2	Biocyc ID 2 
... and so on. 

Database documentation

If you use LUCApedia, please cite... Goldman AD, Bernhard TM, Dolzhenko E, Landweber LF (2013) LUCApedia: a database for the study of ancient life. Nucleic Acids Res., 41:D1079-82.